How long have you been around?

Funny you should ask. TrulyCool.com was registered 10/18/1996 and the website opened for business a few days later.

Happy 25th Birth-da-versary!

Initially work proceeded as a private individual. Truly Cool Design & Consulting was registered with the State of NH in May of 1997.

How much does it cost to be cool?

While the value is priceless, the expense will vary depending on project scope & complexity.

Projects at the 40 hour mark can hit a rate of $75/hour.

Occasionally projects might be bid at a fixed fee, tho this is less common than hourly.

Packages for ongoing support, with guaranteed availability and response times are also available.

When can we start?

Many years experience have been helpful in developing a balanced approach to active design projects and mainteance & support contracts.

We usually begin the client intake process within a week of confirming intent to hire.

While precise start dates will be dependant on prevailing conditions at the time, substantive work would typically be scheduled 2 - 4 weeks out as a rule of thumb.

Concieve. Create. Connect.